ServMan offers its own integrated and automated solution for sending and managing technician profiles! ServMan’s “Meet Your Tech” solution provides a user-friendly web portal for managing your technicians’ information and photographs, and it supports automatic delivery of the profiles to your customers by text message or email using your specific workflow rules within ServMan!*

*Requires ServMan’s Automated Pre-Post Appointment Assistant (APPAA)

ServMan’s "Meet Your Tech” solution also provides a fully integrated interface with Survey Monkey that allows you to design your own surveys including NPS scoring as well as click through on positive NPS results to your social media sites! Survey results can be stored locally supporting localized queries as well as click through views to the actual survey on the Survey Monkey site.**

**Requires Survey Monkey Account

Pricing for ServMan’s “Meet Your Tech” system is simple and affordable. For just $59 per month you can create and manage profiles for up to 20 technicians! If you have more than 20 technicians, additional tech profiles are available in blocks of 100 for only $20 per month per block!

Two standard profile templates are included with the “Meet Your Tech” system. Custom template design, if desired, is billed hourly.

For more information or to begin using ServMan’s “Meet Your Tech” system, contact your ServMan representative today!